Nikkah Lubanga- Sanchez wishes she’s a New York Times bestselling author of a mystery-suspense novel. But until then, she resorts to writing about other bestselling novels, cerebral films, and life in general. In an effort to write something even though she doesn’t feel like writing anything, she writes about writing.

She’s the wife of a handsome, multi-awarded wedding photographer and the mother of little Margaery Prym, who she obviously named after a clever and beautiful character in Game of Thrones. But other than her domestic roles, she’s also a digital artist, painter, marketing maverick, healthy foodie, ice cream lover, dancer, frustrated singer, and giver of unsolicited advice. When she’s not reading, she’s probably watching IMDB’s Top 100 Movies of all time or dreaming of Sam Claflin.

Nikkah lives in Cebu City, Philippines. She’s serious, but she’s funnier. Don’t be intimidated by her draconian looks.

Follow her on Twitter (@nikkahjacobi) and on Instagram (@itsnikkah).