Hello Beauts! I’m back again with a new makeup review video featuring Ever Bilena’s little sister, Careline!

Careline is a local drugstore makeup brand that is so close to my heart. As a teen who only had a little allowance, I used to scout the department store’s makeup section to search for the shelves that displayed Careline’s budget-friendly products.

With its non-intimidating packaging and affordable price range, anyone who wants to jumpstart their makeup game would find Careline the best brand to check out. 

Careline was my first legit makeup product in high school and I continued using their products throughout my college life. So when a few people asked me to review affordable drugstore products, the brand was the first thing that popped into my mind. 

I’ve since moved on to more advanced makeup brands when I started entering the workforce. 

I was surprised that the brand has since expanded their range and is now offering more products to their tween and teen target market. It also has taken a playful twist in rebranding their products. 

With a Php 1000 budget, I was able to purchase 8 Careline products from Lazada.

It’s been 6 years since I used anything from Careline, so this review is like looking back at Careline’s formulation and checking out if it’s still the same as before or if they have improved it. I was also able to check out their new products, which surprised me dearly.

Check out the video below to find out how my Careline Full Face Makeup Review went:

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